Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Miscellanous photos

This gutted ruin is a few blocks from my apartment. I call it the mossy house.

It's close to this mystifying and fascinating billboard.

I found this charming piece of equipment in the bathroom of a family restaurant outside of Saratoga Springs, NY. It really did shoot out a rather impressive arc of "fragrant" liquid.

My brother and father are pictured here with family friend and artist Tomas Esson. He's an extraordinary Cuban painter now living in Miami. I am now the proud owner of one of his "wet drawings." It hangs in my office where the glare on the glass prevents me from getting a decent photograph.

They are standing in the front kitchen of my father's Arclinea showroom.

Just some pretty flowers from a vacation I took a few years ago.

I took this picture of "The Gates" on a blustery day in February.

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Zoila Rita Dora Puig de Zayas

My grandmother, Dora, passed away on April 10 about a month shy of her 83rd birthday. We'll miss her very much.

Here she is at age 15.

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I recently completed a project that had been sitting unfinished for some time. I created this piece as a wax carving for a class. For mother's day, I had it cast in silver.

These other pieces are from my stint at FIT a couple of years ago. I completed this piece for the piercing and sawing class. We had to create a symmetrical pattern containing 100 cuts within a 2" x 2" brass square. It now hangs in my home office.

I made this bracelet for my mother, then made similar pieces for myself and a friend. It was an independent project born of leftover wire and tubing. The texture is created by running the silver through a rolling press sandwiched next to torn up pieces of sandpaper.

The assignment for this necklace was that it had to be pierced, contain a stone in a bezel setting, and have wire soldered onto flat sheet.

This last piece is the oldest - from when I spent a semester in Florence in 1995. Also an independent project, it was inspired by the stone itself: a combination of malachite and azurite. The pearl moon rotates freely around the center stone.

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